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  • Tapered Roller Bearings

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    Tapered Roller Bearings models
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    Tapered Roller Bearings

    Tapered roller bearings use conical rollers that run on conical races. Most roller bearings only take radial or axial loads, but tapered roller bearings support both radial and axial loads, and generally can carry higher loads than ball bearings due to greater contact area. Tapered roller bearings are used, for example, as the wheel bearings of most wheeled land vehicles. The downsides to this bearing is that due to manufacturing complexities, tapered roller bearings are usually more expensive than ball bearings; and additionally under heavy loads the tapered roller is like a wedge and bearing loads tend to try to eject the roller; the force from the collar which keeps the roller in the bearing adds to bearing friction compared to ball bearings.

    Tapered roller bearings are generally used to support combined load mainly consisting of radial load. Their cups are separable for easy assembling. During mounting and using, radial clearance and axial clearance can be adjusted and pre-loaded mounting can be made.

    Tapered roller bearings have metric and inch types different:
    ■ metric  series:30300 series, 32000 series, 32300 series,30200 series, 31300 series, 32200series

    302series:30202  to  30256
    303series:30302  to  30352
    313series:31305  to  31336
    322series:32204  to  32260
    323series:32303  to  32340
    306series:30613  to  30636
    320series:32005  to  32072
    329series:32905  to  32972
    330series:33005  to  33030
    332series:33205  to  33222
    331series:33108  to  33124

    inch sereis: Inch tapered roller bearing type

    Series Explanation
    NK Non- inner ring needle bearing, light series
    NKS Non- inner ring needle bearing, heavyseries
    RNA 49 Non- inner ring needle bearing, size series 49
    RNA 69 Non- inner ring needle bearing, size series  69,Pair Row  (Odd Row  to RNA 6906)
    RNA 48 Non- inner ring needle bearing, size series 48
    NKI with Inner ring needle bearing, light series
    NKIS with Inner ring  needle bearing, heavy series
    NA 49  inner ring needle bearing, size series 48
    NA 69 Non- inner ring needle bearing, size series 48,Pair Row  (Odd Row  to NA 6906)
    NA 48 with Inner ring needle bearing, size series48
    RNA 49..RS with out Inner ring needle bearing,Directly Seal ,Size series 49
    RNA 49..2RS with out Inner ring needle bearing,One-sided seal ,Size series 49
    NA 49..RS with  Inner ring needle bearing,Directly Seal ,Size series 49
    NA 49..2RS with Inner ring needle bearing,Two-sided seal ,Size series 49

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